iTaste VV, KTS and other new items

2013-01-25 23:01:00

We have some new products. We have a new mechanical mod, a small variable voltage device, and a cool stainless steel e-liquid container.


Another original gadget from Innokin, U-CAN! It is the world's first fully mechanical stainless steel e-liquid container that just works! More information about this new trend can be found in awesome US sites such as gotvapes.

This one is very nice!

The KTS Telescopic Storm

The KTS is a fully mechanical, fully telescopic mod that comes in a complete kit. It comes with a charger, a nice case, and a rebuildable tank atomizer.

We have upgraded this kit with one Panasonic IMR Hybrid so instead of the low quality ICR batteries that typically comes with such sets, you get one of the best batteries that can be used just about any mod.

Also included in this kit is free designer liquid of your choice

Read about what we think of the KTS.

Itaste Express VV

Included in the list is the latest iTaste express aka the iTaste VV, these are the latest version of the iTaste express from Innokin. The iTaste express is a variable voltage device that has gotten very positive reviews from many popular reviewers on the web.

These units have a more visible button and a true ego-thread. If you want to learn whats new in this version, the review is here.

The innokin Itaste VV with some improvements

Now with true eGo threads and a better button

Chargers and batteries

We have some really good chargers that uses the highly regarded CC/CV charging profiles.

On the upper end, we have the Sysmax i4 version 2 with 4 individual charging bays. It has all the great features of a great charger, from reverse polarity protection to charge progress indicators. This charger can charge 18650 Li-ions, Ni-Cd and Ni-MH(AA, AAA) and rechargeable batteries as well! Each bay charges individually too!

For the budget conscious, we have the XTAR MP1S which also have the CC/CV charging profile as well as reverse polarity protection and best of all, it can be configured to charge batteries from full sized 18650 Li-ions to smaller 18350 batteries.

We also have one of the most sought after batteries to date. The panasonic CGR18650CH IMR Hybrid battery. This battery is a 2250mah 18650 safe chemistry battery that is considered by many as the best battery for mods. There are rumors that Panasonic will stop selling these to the public so you might want to grab them while they're here.

If you are looking for smaller batteries for your mods, we also have some 18350 IMR safe chemistry batteries for you stealth vapers out there. If you are planning to stack 18350s, please read this guide first.

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