iTaste VV Review

Notes: See bottom of the articles for some updates and followups on this reviews.

For some time now, we have been looking for a small, variable voltage Personal Vaper to fill in the gap between the Lavatubes and the eGo. 

We have seen many products that we could have brought into the store, however we need a product to fit a certain criteria.

For the "small variable voltage" segment, our criteria are the following:

  1. it must work with a 510 thread (all our items are 510 compatible)
  2. variable voltage
  3. easy to use 
  4. small enough (to fit into your shirt pocket)
  5. it must be of excellent quality and performance

After informing our supplier, and some of the top e-cigarette manufacturers, Adam from Innokin has arranged to send us samples of their latest products.  One of these is the new iTaste and it is supposed to be compatible not only with the 510 thread, but with the eGo as well. 

We got the latest version of iTaste express, which is similar to the iTaste V3 but with some improvements. The main improvements we can see is that it has a new button design that does not obstruct the light when it is pressed, and a new, more compatible eGo-thread.

For the sake of this review, we will call their latest revision the New iTaste VV.


The iTaste V3(left) and the new iTaste VV (right). The New iTaste VV has a true eGo-thread, and a new button.

Aside from the New iTaste VV, we also received another unique item from Innokin: the U-CAN, which is a stainless steel e-juice container. We will also try to include a short review of the U-CAN at the end of this article.

We will also review this charming new gadget.

Most existing reviews of the iTaste (such as the V2 and V3), are generally positive to overwhelmingly positive, this should not stop any decent shop owner to make his or her own assessment of the product to see for himself. And this is exactly what we are going to do.
As of this date, we have not seen any New iTaste VV review yet, and we are probably one of the first to talk about this revision. This will not be a typical review but more of an analysis if the New iTaste VV is a fit for our store.

Criteria number 1:It must work with a 510 thread

Innokin appeals to many as a luxury e-cig company that always have original products. Their product selection may be smaller than most e-cig companies, but they always bring out outstanding original products.
In the past, many people think that Innokin uses proprietary connectors too much. For instance, many of their products need an adapter in order to work with some popular atomizers. However, they also make versions of their best products that are compatible with other manufacturers'.
Fortunately for us the New iTaste VV works with standard 510 atomizers, just like its predecessor the iTaste V3.
The New iTaste VV is improved over the V3 when it comes to a truly eGo compatible device because with this latest version, the New iTaste VV now has an eGo thread as well. This allows you to use eGo specific gadgets and atomizers that requires an actual ego thread.

The New iTaste VV does not need any adapters if you want to use atomizers such as vivi novas and the CE6. The fit is very solid, it won't wobble no matter how hard you try!

Here are some pictures of the iTaste in different setups:

The New iTaste VV works with the eGo cone thanks to full eGo threads!

The stardust works extremely well with the iTaste

Even bigger tanks won't wobble a bit - Everything's solid

Practically everything local stores are selling now works with the New iTaste VV flawlessly. Even gadgets that are designed for eGo threaded units.

Criteria number 2: Variable voltage

The iTaste is a variable voltage device. Like the lavatube, it adjusts voltages in 0.1 volt increments.

The lowest voltage it can start with is 3.3 volts which simulates an empty Lithium Ion battery.

At the high point, it can go up to 5.0 volts which exceeds most people's atomizer requirements.

For this criteria, the iTaste wins big compared to most small variable voltage devices because of the 0.1 volt increment. This small increment gives you more control on your vaping.

The iTaste can go up to 5.0 volts and should be sufficient for most users needing a compact variable voltage device.

Criteria number 3: Ease of use

One of the reasons why we stuck with the lavatube over some of the other similarly priced 18650 mods in the market today is because of the ease of use. The New iTaste VV is just as simple to use.

The power button can turn the unit off or on by clicking it 3 times in succession. A safety feature very similar to any decent eGo's on/off switch.

Battery life is indicated by the color of the button - green means fully charged, yellow means recharge soon, and red means you are very close to, or at empty.

From what we know about the older V3, the New iTaste VV button has also been re-designed, maybe so that the button light is more visible even as you press the button as you vape. The light now goes around the button instead of at the center.

Yellow light tells me I need to recharge soon. Pretty lights!

The plus button at the bottom increases the voltage by 0.1 and the minus decreases it by the same amount. 

These small buttons are of high quality!

The LED also displays a puff counter, which is a nice feature to have for those who want to monitor their nicotine intake. Pressing either the plus or minus buttons for a few seconds always activates the puff counter.

What is more useful than the puff counter is that the New iTaste VV actually has a voltage recommendation system built in. This comes in handy specially for a newbie. And I will explain why.

For instance, a newbie who uses a standard resistance atomizer with his PV will usually vape at around 3.7 volts. If he wants to try a new atomizer with a different resistance(Ohms), he may be unsure of what voltage to set the iTaste at.  

In this case, all he needs to do is to press the plus(+) and minus(-) buttons simultaneously and the device will tell him what voltage range is recommended for his new atomizer.

This feature is useful in a market saturated with different types of atomizers, cartomizers, and rebuildables.

Another great bonus that must not be forgotten is that the New iTaste VV is a pass-through device, meaning you can use it while it is charging. And we all know how convenient an eGo-PT is!

The pass through means you can use it as it charges

It is also practically maintenance free. No batteries that needs to be swapped, you can use it while you charge, and with loads of protection features such as overcharging protection, short circuit protection, and other things, it is basically a worry-free device that practically needs no special care requirements outside the usual.

Criteria number 3: Size

Some users like the idea of a lavatube but like the size of the ego better. That is why a very important criteria for our small variable voltage is, of course, size.

As we have seen, The New iTaste VV is not big at all. In fact, it is quite small, almost the size of the eGo and it looks good with many devices designed for the eGo as well. I would go out of a limb and even say it even looks better on some.

If not for its square shape and good looks, you'd think its an eGo


Criteria number 4: It must be of excellent quality and performance


The quality of the unit does feel pretty good, in fact it is one of the better built small units today. For its size, it is very solidly built.

For the size of the unit, the buttons are of excellent quality. We never experienced button issues in the few days we have been using the product.

Even the smaller buttons are of very high quality. Many manufacturers overlook quality in smaller areas of their units, however, Innokin made sure the plus and minus buttons on the New iTaste VV are extremely good even for their size.

The unit I am reviewing is the Chameleon colored New iTaste VV, and from what I can see is that the paint job would probably last for quite some time. And this is fortunate because the chameleon color is a thing of beauty.

Good build quality. You really have to hold it in your hands to appreciate


Performance wise, it is very good. On some subjective tests, it performs very well. But we also want some real data.

We will compare the small iTaste against one of the best lavatubes in the market. These lavatubes from RS are one of the best variable voltage devices we have tested within its price range.

For the sake of this review, we will show how well the iTaste performs at the most common voltage 3.7v. We will also be using a typical vivi nova to check voltage drops just to see how much volts our atomizers are actually getting.

To do this we had set both units at 3.7 volts and added a vivi nova with an atomizer that reads 2.3 ohm from our meter (although it was marked as 2.4ohms there is usually an allowance on these things).

The lavatube performs at 3.3 to 3.4 volts, switching between the two occasionally, perhaps indicating that the Ar-Win m01 is getting around 3.35 volts.

At 3.7 volts the lavatube actually gives around 3.35volts with load

The New iTaste VV performs at a constant 3.3 volts indicating very similar performance with the bigger, more expensive lavatube at this resistance.

Even at yellow the iTaste still performs at 3.3volts with load

Despite its small size, the iTaste performed well even when compared to bigger, more expensive mods, at least with the resistance we have tested it on.

Battery life

The New iTaste VV is very efficient, it lasted me a whole day. Depending on your vaping habits, voltage settings, and setup, your mileage will vary.


On/off feature is a great thing to have in any unit. The iTaste has this feature using a three click system.

We tested the unit and pressed it for around 10-15 seconds, and the iTaste throttles the voltage to zero and the unit was unharmed.

Charging the battery does not make the battery hot, meaning good internal resistance or quality batteries are used. We had it plugged overnight and the iTaste refused to overcharge indicating overcharge protection does work.


There are some things that the New iTaste VV brings to the table that gives it an edge over other small variable voltage devices. These things are not in our criteria but adds points towards the product.


Like just about any Innokin product, the iTaste looks very sophisticated. It reminds me when the original LEA first hit the market - it looked much sexier than the competition. The same is with the iTaste. The beveled design, the quality finish, and even small things like the mirrored LED screen indicates that Innokin is still a top luxury brand. 

That said, it is one of the sexiest looking eGo-sized units I have seen and that includes some of the K-eGo and Q-eGo units we have on the shelf.

The New iTaste VV comes in three colors - black, white and the chameleon color.

The Chameleon is what I used in the reviews and it is a very interesting color scheme because it changes colors depending on the angle of the light source. The chameleon is a metallic color that shifts from deep purple to dark green to black. On stronger light conditions it is actually greener than purplish.


After trying many products, the New iTaste VV may be just what we need in order to fill the "small variable voltage" niche. Looking back at our criteria, the New iTaste VV surpasses many of our expectations.

It performs extremely well, it looks very nice and everything about it feels special, in a good way. The buttons and the paint work indicate it is of good quality.

One of the iTaste's best surprises is the voltage recommendation system, it is simply a boon for new vapers everywhere.

Innokin's SRP for the New iTaste VV fits comfortably between our eGo kits and the lavatube kits, which is perfect because the iTaste itself occupies exactly that market segment - a small variable voltage for everyone.

Even long time vapers would love to have an iTaste in their arsenal. In fact, we are personally using it and it is simply a pleasure to use.

Future Recommendation

The New iTaste VV is already a very good product in every way. However, there are some ideas I would like to recommend on new models. Maybe in a totally new but similar product.

One is more use on the LCD such as a battery bar somewhere that tells how much percent battery is left.

Maybe a 650mah for a smaller unit and  a longer 1300mah version for more battery life would be nice options.

Lastly, a fully chromed version would really be nice, particularly on the current iTaste design.

Bonus Review: The U-CAN

Since we are really an e-liquid store that sells our own brand of e-liquid, it is only fitting that we got a hold of the U-CAN, which is going to be perfect for our e-juice.

The U-CAN is basically a stainless steel e-liquid dispenser. But it is a luxury e-juice stainless steel dispenser that just works. I would even say that it is a fully mechanical e-juice dispenser if there is such a thing.

We opened one up, filled it with unflavored PG/VG liquid to perform a leak test and we are happy to report that there is no signs of leakage. Filling with water also gave the same results - no leakage whatsoever.

Testing it also gave us good results. You can just press the bottom part to dispense the liquid, and it is easier to control than it appears. We have used it on drip- type atomizers and with tanks, the U-CAN just works.

The beauty of the U-CAN is that it is a sealed stainless steel container, meaning it protects your e-liquid from harmful UV light and would basically preserve the quality of your juices better. Also, it looks really nice and compact, you can even use it with a key chain.

If someone really wants to stand out from the crowd, then the U-CAN is one of those accessories that will not only turn heads, but also be a great conversation starter.

Editor's Note: Months since the release of this review, innokin has released a variable wattage version of the device which they officially named iTaste VV 3.0  which is exactly like this but now works on wattage. In light of this new development, proper names have been updated. Other than voltages, and some minor changes, we could see no real big difference with latest iTaste from other iTaste VV models.

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