The KTS fully mechanical mod

The KTS Telescopic Storm is strangely similar to the design of the GGTS (Golden Greek Telescopic Storm).

It is a fully mechanical mod that looks and performs great. Today we will examine this new product and see it's strong points and weak points.

What's In The KTS kit?

The KTS is a kit  that comes in a complete package for those who are just stating out with a fully mechanical mod. It comes with 1) a carry case, 2) generic ICR batteries, 3) a charger, 4) a rebuilable tank and 5) two tank replacement heads.

I am not really fond of the above presentation because a mechanical mod should be packaged more responsibly for users, and the batteries that originally go with it is un-branded, which is acceptable with a good electrical mod but, absolutely not safe for any type of fully mechanical mod.

Other than the batteries, everything else  in the kit is great. The unit itself is pretty good.

That's why we have discarded the two generic ICR batteries that came with it and replaced them with one Panasonic IMR hybrid (which would cost more than three times the generic ones anyway). This is not only for the new user's safety, but any advanced vaper would not use generic ICR batteries with it anyway even if it came with ten of them.

The KTS unit

The KTS itself is fully telescopic so can use a range of battery sizes, from 18350 to 18650.

It has a groove on the head so not to restrict or cut off the draw when used with fat atomizers that sits flush on the top.

The body threading is pretty good and batteries do not wobble inside the unit.

What sets the KTS apart from other fully mechanical mods in the market today is that the fire button is an actual button located in the lower part of the unit rather than a bottom firing button.

Safety Features

In a mechanical mod, saftey should be top priority, and the KTS has all the basic safty features one needs.

The kit has a safety lock to prevent firing in your pocket, in its case, or in your bag.  You can just screw the firing button to lock it.

We are also glad to see some vent holes in this mod. It actually has six vent holes, three near the 510 connector at three more just above the firing pin, totaling 6 vent holes for the unit.

As mentioned, the most obvious weak point we have seen in the kit are the generic batteries included. They are in no way suitable for fully mechanical mods because we know nothing of the C rating nor the chemical composition of these batteries and that is why we have replaced it with a top of the line Panasonic IMR Hybrid battery.

Another thing to note is that it comes with a standard generic charger, which we recommend users to upgrade in the future. Ideally, a charger that uses the CC/CV algorithm such as some models from Xstar or Sysmax is what we would recommend.

The Atomizer

What comes with the KTS kit is an atomizer that just looks sleek and fits the overall look of the unit very well. It has two extra heads but can also be rebuilt, similar to the Vivi nova. It should perform as well as most of the CE2 based atomizers such as the CE4, CE6 and the Vivi nova.

The Carry Case

The KTS kit comes with a nice carry case. It is big and spacious enough to carry the charger, the unit, battery and a bottle of e-juice. It has may pockets to carry other small things like drip tips and such.


The KTS is a promising unit, it has safety vent holes and the fire button is lockable for additional safety. It can use many different battery sizes because it is fully telescopic. We love the button position, and the overall design.

The only downside are the generic batteries that came with it, which may have safety issues and that is why we have upgraded with one top of the line Panasonic CGR battery at no additional cost to the kit.

If you are ready for a mechanical mod, and have read the mechanical mod proper usage guide, then drop by at the store to purchase the KTS.

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