Addicted to gear - Vape gear addiction

It has happened to us, and surely if it hasn't happened to you, or you know someone in your vapeing circle that did.

What am I talking about? The phenomenon I would call "vape gear addiction". Ok, I'am sure vape gear addiction is not an official term but it seems that it does happen particularly in the early stage of vaping. 

What vape gear addiction exactly is is the uncontrollable, impulsive, and sometimes un-resistable urge to own the latest vape gear such as an expensive collectable mods, the newest type of atomizers, and all types of fancy gadgets and gear. In a span of a few months a new vaper may now become a proud owner of a small collection of mechanical mods, rebuildable atomizers, stands and cases. 

And while similar patterns does happen in many other hobbies,  how come it seems to be more pronounced in such hobbies as vaping? So what does exactly happens here?  It usually goes like this;  a new vaper starts to pick up vaping to replace smoking, and after a few weeks, feels the benefits of his new habit as he starts to kick off his old one.

He starts to feel better, as his body is still adjusting to the new habit, he now tries out other gear hoping to find the best one for him.

In the process this is where we usually get out of control and from a smoker we now become a vape gear enthusiast. Our new addiction is not just vaping itself but also the acquisition of vape-related gear and gizmos sometimes coming from around the world.

Why this happens I do not know for sure but I have a theory - addiction transfer. During the phase when our body is trying to kick off the smoking habit, and we are still struggling hard to adjust to the new way of taking in nicotine, one way we try to cope is to find new ways to completely satisfy the old addiction without relapsing.

And since we are just beginning to adjust to vapeing and feel that it is not a complete replacement to smoke, as a coping mechanism we try to compensate by becoming hooked to something related to vape such as shopping for gear. 

Anyway that is my theory. As an online vape shop owner and vaper myself, I know full well this sometimes does happen and as well as how good for business this may seem to be,  but as a responsible blogger on vape topics, I can not help but take a closer look into the inner workings of this phenomenon, and at the least give vapers an idea on what is going on so they can at least be aware of what may be happening to them.

I should state that there is nothing wrong with owning things, and even if you are among us who got addicted to gear, be assured that this new addiction is still better than smoking, and in most cases, it will be a  just another phase.

This article exists mainly for the curiosity of vape gear addiction as a phenomenon as well as to give new vapers a heads up on what they may expect. Possibly, with this awareness they could avoid being a casualty of such phenomenon. 

For the mean time, happy vaping, and stay away from the real smoke! 

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