Why Bumblevape.com?

There are many Vape Shops around the country. So you may be wondering, why choose bumblevape? If you bought anything from our store or know anyone who has, then you would already know the answer.

But for those who are just wondering, I will let you in on our secret. Here are some things that separates bumblevape.com from the rest, just in case you are curious about who we are.

We Have Integrity

People say that one thing that makes us different from the rest is our unrivaled after sales support and integrity.

While other stores will push a sale when a customer's item does not function, we often attempt to see if their items just need maintenance or are for replacement warranty before we offer any of our products for sale. We also give free tech support to check if an item is broken or for maintenance even if the items we have serviced are items sold to you by other vendors -- and we do this free of charge.

Not only do we help you get your stuff working again, we can give you additional tips in the usage and maintenance too!

We never hesitate to fix a fixable problem even at the cost of lost sales, just ask anyone!

Quality Control

Other than having the best warranty policy in the business, another thing that sets us apart from competition is that we have our own quality control. Because many electronic cigarette stuff comes from factories that lacks quality control, not all units in a batch is good. We know it, you so does our customers!

Whenever we can test a product, we do it. For instance, if we get 100 MODs in a batch, and 20 is substandard, even if these 20 are in working condition, we don't stock them in our shelves. We either reserve some of them for personal use or for service units, and the rest we ship back to the manufacturer or simply not sell at all.

We have used no less than five different gadgets to test for quality, and the Ar-win is just one of them.

People, even some vendors, often wonder why we get less item returns even on the exact same products than just about anyone else, and now you know why!

Best Warranty Policy In The Biz

Even though we check our wares thoroughly, it is inevitable that a few will get returned (you can't help it, its just the nature of the beast), and when it does, we really stand by our word.

Many of us are consumers as well and have been burned by "too good to be true" 3 months, and even 1 year warranty claims only to find out the seller has an excuse not to honor it even after only one week has passed. Or with sellers who need you to go through hell for a simple replacement. Because of this, we strive to be better to our customers.

Today, we really believe that we have the best track record in the business in honoring warrantees. All warrantees within warranty period have been honored with as little inconvenience to customers as possible.

With our own quality control, integrity, and warranty policy, you just can't go wrong in picking bumblevape.com!

We Have A Couch And A TV!

Other than all the things mentioned, we also have a couch and a TV! You don't need to buy anything, just drop by, ask for some complementary iced tea if available, and enjoy the show!

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